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TREHS® rejuvenating peeling
time: 30min
price: 29 EUR

Za vse, ki želite, da bi vaša koža izgledala mladostno in negovano,  pripravimo tudi pomlajevalni piling telesa. Z naravnim pilingom  TREHS®,, očistimo vaše telo odmirlih kožnih celic in s tem izboljšamo  prekrvavitev. Blaga masaža ob pilingu hkrati pripomore tudi k  duševni sprostitvi. Za vse, ki imate zelo grobo (izpuščajčki po  depilaciji, britju) in luskasto kožo, piling naredimo s spužvo, ki jo po  tretmaju prejmete tudi za domačo uporabo. 

Piling celega telesa 30 min / 29 € 
Piling celega telesa z bučno spužvo 30 min / 33 € 


TREHS® relaxing swedish massage
time: 25min
price: 33 EUR

A rich skincare formula in TREHS® massage oil is designed for  luxurious invigorating body massage, which wraps the skin with velvety softness and leaves a wonderful feeling of freshness on the  skin throughout the day.


Full body 50 min / 56 € 
Partial (back, legs, foot, arms,...) 25 min / 33 € 


TREHS® sport massage
time: 20min
price: 30 EUR

Heal sports injuries with sport massage. It is intended for amateur and professional athletes who want to make a faster recovery after  injury. Sports massage cream TREHS® from Sarener pine warms the muscles, nourishes and protects. After the massage we make a  great finish with a cooling sports cream TREHS®, which creates a muscle “kneipp” effect and thereby accelerate the healing of  muscle and connective tissue. 

Full body 50 min / 56 € 
Partial 30 min / 40 € 
Partial​ 20 min / 30 € 


TREHS® trigger point massage
time: 20min
price: 25 EUR

Physiotherapy techniques to relieve or eliminate of myofascial pain  syndrome with sports massage cream TREHS® from mountain pine. 

Cryo therapy
time: 20min
price: 25 EUR

Best for muscle regeneration after high-intensity training. Cooling the tissue results in increased secretion of transmitters in nerve fibers, thus significantly increases the metabolism and all enzymatic processes in the cell. Cooling massage also reduces pain in injuries such as sprains, fractures, muscle overload, etc. 


TREHS® anti-cellulite massage
time: 30min
price: 45 EUR

Anti-cellulite massage treats the problem areas on your body (legs hips or belly-hand ...). Anti-cellulite cream TREHS® rich in active  ingredients and when used in intensive massage stimulates the  function of lymphatic system and thereby promotes elimination of cellulite. 

Lymphatic drainage
time: 50min
price: 25 EUR

Aparat Green Press 8 je zasnovan po načelih ročne limfne drenaže,  tako da lahko s pomočjo napihljivih manšet posnema delo rok, s  katero zdreniramo nogi, zadnjico in trebuh. Preso terapija daje  vedno odlične in hitro vidne rezultate tako pri odpravi celulita (z  dodatnim anticelulitnim tretmajem body wrapping) kot tudi pri  oteklih nogah in krčnih žilah. Ravno tako je odlična terapija limfnih  endemov različnih vrst, izboljšuje prekrvavitev tkiv in hitreje zdravi  otekline vseh vrst. Še posebej priporočljivo po zvinu gležnja in po  operaciji gležnja, kolena ali kolka. 

Lymphatic drainage 50 min / 25 € 
Lymphatic drainage + bio anti-cellulite bodywrapp TREHS® 70 min / 40 €

Nail bed relaxation
time: 30min
price: 20 EUR

If you want to get into an alpha state of relaxation - perfect  relaxation, after massage we recommend you fakir-bed (relaxation on nails), which is our specialty. Lying on a bed pierced with  hundreds of nails cause the body relaxation. Due to the nails  pressures on acupuncture points, the body is completely calm and enters the alpha state, which allows immense relaxation for body and spirit. 


TREHS® Sarner rejuvenating face peeling
time: 15min
price: 17 EUR

Rejuvenated skin is clean skin and we achieve with the gente  peeling from Sarner pine TREHS®,which moisturises and refreshes the  skinn, while giving it an even tone. First of all your skin is gently  cleaned with milk that cleanses the pores and does not irritate the  skin, then we give you a gentle massage with exfoliation which  makes your skin shine. 

GOLD 24 Ka refrashing face massage
time: 20min
price: 27 EUR

Massage Oil GOLD 24 Ka contains pure gold combined with regenerative rosehip oil, with its rich anti-aging skin care formula is  a great impact on your delicate facial skin and restores its shiny  appearance. Facial and cleavage massage will also reassure your  mind. 

TREHS® face lifting
time: 15min
price: 17 EUR

Let your skin looks toned and firm. First of all we clean your skin with  a cleansing milk, then we restore your skin tone, heal damage to  the skin and create a lifting effect with excellent bio tonic from  grape wine water TREHS®. 

TREHS® acqua vinea nobilis face treatment
time: 55min
price: 65 EUR

Treat your face to the best vine has to offer. First of all we clean your  skin with a cleansing milk TREHS®, which ensures an even  complextion. Then we make a moisturizing scrub TREHS® from dwarf pine cones, which is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin of the  face. Excellent bio tonic water TREHS® evens out skin tone, heals skin  damage and has a lifting effect. For a rejuvenating effect we use absorbent mask TREHS®, whose active ingredients give a feeling of  freshness on your face and cleavage. 

Late night swimming and sauna just for you two
time: 60min
price: 30 EUR

Relaxation in romantic atmosphere in the pool and whirlpool, with  a choice of outstanding fragrances for water (3 different), just for  the two of you. Treat yourselves to one visit to the sauna and  overheat your bodies. After 9 o’clock you can spoil yourselves in the  candlelight and you can enjoy the best Slovenian sparkling wine.  Prior to this, you can treat your bodies to a regenerative massage  with golden oil GOLD 24 Ka or bio-oil from Sarner pine TREHS®. 

Reservations at tel. +386 41 787 601 , +386 4 620 5120, no later than 4 pm on the same day. 


Late night swimming 1 h / 30 € 
Late night swimming + 0,375 L champagne 1 h / 40 € 
Late night swimming + 0,75 L champagne 1 h / 48 € 
Late night swimming with champagne + 2 x full body massage 2 h / 145 €
Late night swimming with champagne + 2 x partial massage 1,5 h / 103 €


Manicure or mini pedicure
time: 45min
price: 22 EUR

Hands and feet are a reflection of our beauty, so make sure they  are cared for and your nails shine. Cuticle care, nail/toe shaping  into the desired shape, removing impurities from the nails/toes and  professional nail painting will make your hands or feet beautiful. Your  hands and feet will look cared for after the application of natural  cream TREHS®. 

Nail polish
time: 25min
price: 10 EUR

Nail polish on hands or feet in any color, which you can also add a little painting and pearls. 

Polish 10 nails 25 min / 10 € 

Polish 20 nails 45 min / 18 €

Gel polish
time: 60min
price: 30 EUR

Parmanent gel polish concerns such as lacquer and is stable as a  gel. Your nails will shine from 2-4 weeks. 

Gel Polish 10 nails 60 min / 30 € 

Gel Polish 20 nails 110 min / 55 €



A pleasant space with modern equipment and professional staff is  available to all who want to take care of health and beauty of their  body. In the gym we have SokolGym equipment, Technogym, Life  Fitness and Tunturi. After a hard workout you can also enjoy freshly  prepared protein shakes, energy bars etc. Top manufacturers of  sports and bio nutrition - AMsport, PlanetBio.


Protein shake 0,5 L / 2,5 € 

Energy and protein bars 2 € - 3€ 

L-carnitine drink 0,5 L / 3 € 



You can exercise your body in the water, where this form of  recreation is even more enjoyable because of our sense of ease body. Moving in water is a premium solution to eliminate many  injuries and great for the spine rehabilitation. 

Using pool and massage pool 




increases blood circulation, due to an accelerated heartbeat. The skin improves the circulation and therefore turns pink. Because of accelerated renal function waste and toxic substances are  eliminated. The warm air relaxes the muscles and joints, improves the function of internal organs, prevents both physical and mental  stress, improves blood circulation; and thus better blood circulation, causing profuse sweating, which cleans body. You can also use salt peeling in finish or steam sauna for better cleaning. 

1 person 17 €





Squash is a game for 2 with racket and rubber ball in place with 4  walls. Is one of the most intens sports played by the most recreations  on the world. Journal FORBES label squash as the healthiest sport in  planet. We have 1 court and the best club in Slovenia with 83 medals from nationals in just 7 years of existence. 


Morning 9.00 – 12.00 / 17 € 

Afternoon 15.00 – 21.00 / 19 € 

Rent – a – racket 5 € 

Rent – a – shoes 0,5 €


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