The History of Kompas Hotel

The story of our hotel reaches back to year 1951, when a small but nonetheless propulsive tourist and transport agency Putnik was established, which later took on the name Kompas it still bears to present day. In the 80s, Kompas developed into one of the largest tourist agencies in the world. Its offices were spread throughout Slovenia as well as former Yugoslavia and in several border crossings with the neighbouring countries. It was not long before the idea emerged of starting to build their own accommodation capacities, due to the bursting tourism from abroad. The first in the series of Kompas hotels was built in the international border crossing of Loibl pass and almost simultaneously, our Kompas Bled hotel came to life. The construction works began in year 1968 and were concluded by 1969. The hotel immediately won the recognitions of foreign and domestic tour operators, due to its location, the modern equipment and accessibility.
The expansion of tourism and the need of additional capacities caused for the hotel to partially be renovated from 1976 to 1977. At that point the hotel was also expanded.